Ex-Casino Employee Intends To Seek Parole After Vegas Killing

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Former Casino Card Dealer SeekIng Parole Chance After Killing A Resort Exec.

An Ex-casino card dealer is seeking a chance at parole when he is inevitably sentenced to life for wounding a co-worker, and killing a resort executive during a company picnic last year. 

This was made known to newsagents by his court-appointed defense attorney Joseph Abood. 

Anthony Wrobel decided the best thing for him was to plead guilty before trial following the attempted murder of Hector Rodriguez (co-worker), and the death of Mia Banks (Venetian casino executive). 

With the plea agreement, he is in line to go behind bars all the rest of his life rather than face the death penalty. 

Abood said he’ll seek the minimum sentence of 21 years before Wrobel is eligible for parole. 

“We will give the judge a full picture of who he is, and the circumstances surrounding his conduct,” Abood said 

The Unforgettable Actions Of Wrobel 

State police along with prosecutors say Wrobel acted alone. Authorities found a note in his home where he poured out his anger at Venetian management. According to the police report, he went over to a public park in Las Vegas where the company executives were seated and opened fire with a 9mm handgun. 

Wrobel fled the scene using a black and purple charger that authorities later found at McCarran International Airport. 

According to the report, he then drove a silver Cadillac north to Cedar City, Utah. A sheriff’s deputy later apprehended him in Texas when he was caught sleeping in the car at a highway rest area off Interstate 40, not far from the New Mexico state line

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