Over 600 New-Style Smoking Lounges Get Approval

Macau Casino

Macau Casino Smoking Lounges Green Lighted By Health Bureau

Macau’s Health Bureau has given permission to 23 new-style smoking lounges in Macau’s gaming venues. 

This brings the total number of new-style lounges to 606, across 33 gaming venues in the city, and an average of 18 smoking lounges per casino venue in Macau. 

The Health Bureau said that as at the last day of September, it had received requests for 650 smoking lounges from as much as 34 gaming venues in Macau. 

According to the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau, there are currently 45 gaming venues operating in the city, including five standalone slot parlors. Lots of the venue have either multiple gaming floors or multiple gaming areas, VIP zones inclusive. The VIP zones are usually separate from the main gaming facilities. 

Previously, the only places where people have been allowed to smoke were VIP rooms. Following the new rules, set in 2018, VIP room smoking at table sides was allowed to continue till 2019. 

What Does This Mean For The Gaming Sector? 

Lots of investment analysts have noted that with the new rules taking full effect, there will likely be a shakeup in the gaming sector. 

In a recent announcement, the Health Bureau said it conducted 994 joint patrols of Macau gaming floors from January to September 2019. From their patrol, they observed 1,079 instances of alleged smoking rule violations been identified and acted upon. This number showed a 14.5% reduction from the numbers observed last year. The observed incidents accounted for 25.9% of public smoking infractions across the city. The Health Bureau hopes that the new rules will help shape the gaming sector. They’ve already made concise attempts to clamp down on some of the casinos violating the rules.

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