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California Casino Using A Video Stream To Catch A Cheat

A casino in Citrus Heights has requested for the service of a former U.S Prosecutor following claims that a poker player was caught cheating during a live stream of the game. 

The alarm was raised by Twitter users following the live stream of the casino’s poker game on “Stones Live,” a live video stream from the Stones Gambling Hall showing on Twitch and YouTube. 

Following the cheating claims, the casino is not broadcasting on its channels until the investigation is over. The casino has also stopped the use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) playing cards, which most people claim can be used or cheating. The cards can be used to send real-time card value data to tournament commentators and hosts. RFID’s are also utilized in chips to know the exact amount a player is betting. 

The casino is currently working with Michael Lipman to look into the cheating claims. He was worked as a chief attorney in the fraud office for the U.S Attorney of the Southern District of California.

Reactions From The Cheating Allegations 

The casino has been taken aback by the cheating claims and is currently working with investigators to see an end to the issue. A casino spokesman said 

“Stones Gambling Hall is committed to the integrity of our games. We have been alarmed by allegations of unfair play occurring during the streamed broadcasts of our ‘Stones Live’ games and have acted quickly to investigate.”

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